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Adrian Brambila

Adrian Brambila is a 27 year old YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Dancer, Digital Marketer and co-owner of a marketing firm called Unimarketa. Adrian posted his first YouTube video of him dancing the robot in 2007.  Two years later he was touring the world with T-Pain and competing on America’s Got Talent while growing a YouTube audience which today has over 70,000 subscribers and over 250,000 monthly visitors. On top of owning a few online commerce websites, Adrian has been working in the marketing agency space for over 5 years.

Adrian has helped hundreds of businesses in all aspects of online marketing in almost every B2B and B2C industry. Adrian’s specialty is in lead generation marketing, the kind that allows you to stamp a big ROI (return on investment) on. 

Adrian is looking forward to hosting morning marketing minutes where he’ll teach valuable insights—covering everything from navigating through search engine optimization to using Facebook Darkposts to help grow your photography business.

Learn more about Adrian’s companies Brambilabong, Dance Saves Lives, and Unimarketa.



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