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August 15-18




Wednesday, 8:00 pm

Accepted: Giving Permission to Create

An in-depth look at our chronic need to seek approval to do the things we love and acceptance after those things have been created. Bravery and honesty are two ways of combating the need for acceptance, and we will take a fresh look at how a passion, career and life can be changed by getting rid of the need for approval, using Brooke as an example. We will see how Brooke’s passions changed, how her art evolved technically as well as conceptually, and how her business took a different direction because of no longer seeking permission to be herself. 



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Brooke Shaden was born in March of 1987 in Lancaster, PA, USA. She grew up near the “Amish Country“ until attending Temple University. Brooke was photographically born in December 2008 after graduating from Temple with bachelor degrees in film and English.

She began creating self-portraits for ease and to have full control over the images, and has since grown into a self-portrait fine art photographer. Self portraiture for her is not autobiographical in nature. Instead, she places herself within environments she wishes to explore, where secrets are exposed, impossibilities are tested, and life is questioned in eras beyond our own.

Brooke works to capture fantastic realities within her photographic frame. By using painterly techniques as well as the square format, traditional photographic properties are replaced by otherworldly elements.